Bite-size Quaker videos to brighten winter days

Are you looking for a quick dose of Quakerism to brighten up a winter’s day? Here are four of my favourite bite-size Quaker videos, and pointers to some more substantial content. If you have other favourites, please do share them in the comments below or Tweet us @BathQuakers.

Quaker journeys

I return again and again to those core themes of compassion and acceptance

Kevin’s journey

Two-minute animations of four personal journeys with Quakerism. Each Friend featured has a different journey, but with common themes of community, faith, worship and living. Here’s Kevin’s journey. For all four animations, visit Quaker journeys.

Kevin’s Quaker journey


What a thing to sit down and do every week, it gets me so excited, the Light

From: Quakers and the Light

QuakerSpeak is an amazing collection of short interviews with American Quakers exploring what being Quaker means for them. With a new video released each week, we’re spoilt for choice – Quaker practices, beliefs, activism, history … it’s all covered. Here’s one from their collection of videos for newcomers: Quakers and the Light.

Oh God…let’s talk about my religion: what is Quakerism?

Point is you’ll never get cheated by a Quaker, we’re the ones that get really upset if you give us too much change

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a vlogger who makes uplifting videos about vintage fashion, living with disabilities and LGBTQ+ awareness. Jessica’s also a Quaker and this is her video introduction to Quakerism. At 21 minutes it’s quite a large ‘bite’, but with a light touch that blows away the sterotype of Quakers as dour and dressed in grey.

What does George Fox say?

Shaggy hair, leather clothes, comes for prayer and steps on toes

From: What does George Fox say?

Makes me smile every time, though it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea! This parody of Ylvis’ 2013 hit comedy song What does the fox say? from Quaker filmmaker Ben Guaraldi packs the founding insights of the Quaker way into a catchy song-and-dance number.

What does George Fox say?

Looking for something more substantial?

If these have whetted your appetite, and you’re looking for more substantial Quaker content, head over to the veritable treasure trove that is Woodbrooke’s online learning resource library. Here you’ll find a variety of lecture recordings and other resources. There are recordings of Swarthmore Lectures since 2011, including local Friend Diana Francis’ 2015 lecture Faith, Power and Peace. I also recommend the wonderfully named The end of the world, the birth of Quakerism and what happened next – video recordings of Ben Pink Dandelion’s 5 part Quaker studies series for Canadian Yearly Meeting in 2013.


  1. I am not a religious person but I appreciate quakerism. I don’t like the word “worship”, as I can not accept that the almighty being would be so petty as to need or want that. I do appreciate introspection that comes with quaker-type prayer. I like the idea of an benevolent energy that we can spread and strengthen among each other.


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