The key short Quaker text is Advices and Queries. It’s available online or as a small booklet from the Friends Meeting House. It forms the first chapter of a longer text called Quaker Faith and Practice. This presents insights and wisdom of the Society of Friends accumulated through the centuries in the form of short vox pops and quotations. The full text is available online; it’s also in bookshops and from Friends House, Euston Road London.

Links to Meetings

Britain Yearly Meeting: national Quaker work and resources

West Wiltshire and East Somerset Area Meeting: the area meeting comprising Bath, Bradford, Chippenham, Devizes, Frome and Trowbridge

Bristol & Wessex Quakers: the regional meeting for Bristol and the South West.

Courses, Conferences, Retreats & Holidays

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre: education “based around exploring Quakerism and the themes of interest to Quakers, such as Peace and Reconciliation, Quaker History and Spiritual Journeys”.

Charney Manor
Retreat and conference accommodation and a program of events “to nourish the spirit through silence, deep listening and exploring with heart and mind”.

Swarthmoor Hall
Holiday accommodation, conference facilities and events including weekends for enquirers.

Claridge House
Offering accommodation and courses. “Claridge House is a Quaker centre for healing, rest and renewal, associated with the Friends Fellowship of Healing”.

Quaker centre and guest house. Holiday accommodation and conference facilities.

Bamford Quaker Community
Runs retreats and courses.

Centre Quaker de Congénies

In the Languedoc village of Congénies in the south of France. A group of Quakers meeting for worship and other activities, and the Centre also has a programme of other events.

Quaker Groups

“Respect the wide diversity among us in our lives and relationships . . . Remember that each of us is unique, precious, and a child of God” Advices and Queries para 22

Quaker Disability Equality Group: works towards full inclusion of people with disabilities and carers in all aspects of Quaker life.

Quaker Gender & Sexual Diversity Community a fellowship of LGBTI+ people within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain.

Quaker Universalist Group is a forum to explore all sorts of spiritual awareness with openness, tolerance and compassion. It reaches out to seekers beyond the Society of Friends and joins with other Universalists around the world so that together we may deepen our spiritual practice, in whatever form that takes.

The Nontheist Friends Network  (a listed informal group of Britain Yearly Meeting)

Bath Groups (relevant to Quakers, but not Quaker groups)

Bath Stop War: a broad coalition of campaigners and activists aligned against war.

Bath Christian Action Network (BathCAN):  Previously Bath Churches Together e coalition Bath churches strengthening fellowship and their common mission of service and witness. Bath Quaker Meeting is a member.

Bath Inter-Faith Group: holds meetings at various venues throughout Bath.

Transition Bath: aims to help rebuild a localised economy with traditional and modern skills in Bath, and to re-establish local resource resilience for the wellbeing of all.

Bath People’s Assembly: independent democratic, non-affiliated body for discussion, debate and the formulation of ideas and proposals on local, national and global issues and policies.