Dublin Meeting shows home gun owners the way – in 1796

Simon shares this from the book Six Generations of Friends in Ireland (1655-1890) by Jane Richardson, pub. 1894 (digital version here). He adds

I’m mainly interested in Chapter IV, which has some early history of Mount Wilson farm which my Baker great-grandparents ran from c1914

“It seems not unsuitable to observe, that for years previous to the breaking out of the Rebellion in 1798, many of the inhabitants of this nation suffered great depredations, by persons breaking into their houses at night and demanding and taking their arms. In the years 1795 and 1796, the sundry Quarterly Meetings were concerned to recommend to Friends who had guns in their houses, to destroy them, which was united with and confirmed by the National Half-year’s Meeting for Ireland, held in Dublin, in 1796, as appears by the following minute, viz. : —

“National Meeting, Fourth Month, 1796

“The subject of some in profession with us having guns in their houses, which might be made use of for the destruction of mankind, and other instruments of a like nature, having come weightily under the consideration of Friends in the three provinces; this Meeting, under a solid feeling, is of the judgment that all such should be destroyed, the more fully and clearly to support our peaceable and Christian testimony in these perilous times.

“It appears that the labour of Friends, to carry into effect this recommendation of the National Meeting, was attended with a good degree of success ; such Friends as had guns having very generally destroyed them. We have abundant cause to believe that this concern originated from the influence of best wisdom, and that it was a means of lessening (in some degree) the shedding of human blood, as those weapons would probably have fallen into the hands of violent men; and likewise, that it tended to preserve some of the members of our Society, who might, if they had had guns in their houses, in an unguarded moment of surprise or attack, have used them so as to take the lives of some of their fellow-creatures.”

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