Practise “staying present and awake but not freaking out”

An article in yesterday’s Washington Post describes how Dutchman Neven Curlin became so overwhelmed by what he was describing on his – geeky but seminal – Arctic Sea Ice blog that he recently had to stop doing it.

In a similar vein, several Friends have found helpful this Ministry shared by Ella Speirs from Chester on the social-network-that-shall-not-be-named.  It may speak to those who feel they share Neven’s condition.

The challenge we face in these times is how to stay aware of what’s happening without getting overwhelmed. And how to remain conscious of what we contribute to the social, political and environmental issues we face both locally and globally, and the effect that has, without beating ourselves up. How we find our peace, how we take a break, how we truly nourish ourselves, in the midst of a seemingly crazy world. The practice of staying present and awake but not freaking out or getting ill seems like a crucial skill to learn right now and is as vital to our collective survival as the amazing ‘active’ work so many people are doing to counteract the destruction that parts of humanity seem intent on wreaking. Find your sanctuary, find your inner peace, find your bliss and do so knowing you make a precious contribution to the survival of the human race.

If you want to reply to her the original post is here. If you’re in Bath and searching for sanctuary or inner peace you’re welcome to come to Bath Quaker Meeting.

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