Get to know the EU institutions – Quaker study tour offer

The UK is told that Brexit means Brexit. But behind that tautology and the harsh epithets bandied about how many of us really know the European institutions and their work?

The Quaker Council on European Affairs (QCEA) says the EU is a vital symbol of peaceful cooperation in Europe, as well as a major actor in global peace, development and security policy, but that few people know much about it.


A previous QCEA study group visits the European institutions.

There’s a unique chance to fix this with the next week-long study tour organised by the QCEA. They write:

This is a time of fragmentation in European politics, and we need Quaker voices more than ever. The QCEA study tour is a wonderful way to get informed.

The study tour will run from Saturday 24 June to Saturday 1 July. More information can be found at

It’s created principally for Quaker members or attenders, but membership is not a requirement for going, and there’s no barrier to attending a Quaker meeting anyway: just show up and you’re welcome.

The Bath QCEA correspondent is Sally Harris. If you want to ask about this study tour at Bath Meeting please ask Sally.

Hear how participants responded to previous QCEA study tours.


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