Live adventurously! It all starts at the Friends’ Meeting House

A decade ago Bath Quakers carefully considered selling the Bath Friends Meeting House. Managing a historic building can be a distraction from simplicity and spiritual life. But Bath Quakers’ long term vision now is to make it a thriving centre for a range of activities that speak to core Quaker values of simplicity; peace; integrity; community; equality and stewardship.

This is why we are pleased to have Genesis Trust doing their vital lifeline work in the Meeting House every weekday. You can share the compassionate support of Alcoholics Anonymous there every week. To anyone who has never been to an AA meeting it is an extraordinarily moving experience, and a highly effective and necessary discipline. We all need to go.

Next Tuesday’s Qigong group is going to explore our relationship with trees. Luke, who runs that class, writes:

Trees have their own particular energy just like any other living being. Can we sense that energy? Do trees make us feel a particular way? Can they help us, beyond absorbing carbon dioxide and providing shade? Biologist David George Haskell has just published a book called The Songs of Trees, about the distinctive sounds that different trees make. Read an interview with David George Haskell and listen to some tree songs here. I hope to see you on Tuesday,

To clarify: this is not Quaker orthodoxy, but a typical example of Quaker celebration of diversity and readiness to learn from other traditions. Do consider Luke’s class (he has a special free trial offer for Quaker Meeting attenders) and keep an eye on other activities at York Street.

Also: if you find yourself in a foreign country or city and wondering where all the interesting stuff happens just check out the Friends’ Meeting House. You’ll be on the right track.

Do trees make us feel a particular way?

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