Check this out: the chance to be a guinea-pig

Katie Evans writes: 

Next year we will be offering a course at Woodbrooke on the theme Listening and Gathering: Holding Space with Spirit. We’re looking for a small group of friends willing to be ‘guinea pigs’ to pilot some of our ideas for the course.

No harm will come to test subjects for Holding Space with Spirit, nor to these cute little fellows whose role in testing is now much reduced, though the term persists 

We’re describing the course as follows:

Do you hold space for others? Or feel drawn to try? Perhaps you’re someone who listens and accompanies; gathers and grows community; or facilitates conflict resolution. This course invites you to explore the personal aspects and spiritual source of such practice. Join us to welcome a spaciousness that holds and nourishes connection with spirit, ourselves and each other. We will learn by being and doing – come prepared to practice, reflect and share.

If you’d be willing to be a ‘guinea pig’ we’d love to hear from you.  We will try to arrange times to suit, so please let us know whether a few evening sessions, aftemeeting for worship on Sunday or a whole day course would be best for you.

Thank you!

Meredith Freeman & Katie Evans

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