St Ethelburga’s: three opportunities for Young Friends

St Ethelburga’s in London describes itself as a ‘maker of peacemakers’. It works to inspire and equip people from all backgrounds to become peacebuilders in their own lives and communities.

It is offering several opportunities for young people (more details on the Friends Meeting House noticeboard, or see links below).

Spiritual Ecology: Young leaders programme

Do you hear the cry of the Earth?

Are you wildly visionary and ecologically pragmatic?

​Deeply committed to spiritual practice?

​ Dedicated to building a sustainable future?

​ 20 – 32 years old?

​ You could go on an eight-month journey of learning from awe-inspiring mentors, immersion in wild nature, deep study, spiritual practice, and implementing practical projects. More info

Interfaith Activists: Leadership for turbulent times

This l​ife-changing leadership programme for 18-36 year-olds​: is a six​-​month deep dive which:

  • Explores global issues with visionary mentors
  • Expands our resilience to lead into an uncertain future
  • Builds community with peers from different faith and spiritual backgrounds​
  • ​Opens hearts to the plight of refugees.
  • Gives tools and support for mobilising our own communities. More info

Visionary Young Leader? Contribute to a new book! 

​”Walking the talk: Faith, spirituality and the next generation”  ​

A collection of interviews and stories from young adults on how the younger generation are engaging with faith and social action amid the challenges of our times.

Themes include global identities, new spaces and non-hierarchical communities, sacred activism, the earth, resilience, religion vs ‘spiritual but not religious’.

Publication date: Summer 2018​ so there is still time to be a part of it. More info

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