Refusing to Kill: Bristol-based exhibition on war and conscience

Christine Goodgame-Nobes writes

I heartily recommend everyone visits Bristol Cathedral to see this well researched and mounted exhibition, which you can see during Cathedral open hours.

The description from the Cathedral web site:

Telling the story of Bristol men who refused to fight in the First World War and the people who supported them, this exhibition covers the varied motivations of Conscientious Objectors and their experiences during the war and afterwards, using documents, photographs, artefacts and material from surviving relatives. Links will be made between the stand of Conscientious Objectors in WWI and current opposition to war around the world. Curated by Remembering the Real WWI. Admission is free and all are welcome.

There are also a couple of added events as follows: on Sat 2 Dec there will be a talk by Clive Barrett, author of Subversive Peacemakers- an Anglican perspective at 1330 in the Chapter House. Clive is qn Anglican priest, past chair of the Anglican Peace Fellowship (APF) and current chair of the Trustees of the Peace Museum in Bradford (which Bath Friends support).

On Tuesday 2 Jan 2018 a piano recital of music by Frank Merrick one of the COs featured in the exhibition who went on to become Professor of Music at RCM. Performances 13330 and 1530pm. Free.

Full details from Refusing to Kill Bristol.

Graham Whiteford voluntered for army; one brother Hubert was imprisoned as a conscientious objector while another Wilfred served in the Non-Combatant Corps.

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