Bénédicte Scholefield talks about leaving Ammerdown and her new work with the Iona Community

On 19 Nov Bath Quakers welcomed some 40 friends of Bénédicte Scholefield to the Friends Meeting House for lunch and an illustrated talk. They had come, some from far away, to wish her well after a long and popular tenure as director of the Ammerdown Centre near Bath, and to hear about her new work for the Iona Community in Scotland, where she is now business director.

Leaving Ammerdown after eleven and a half years, leaving a job and a place she loved, had been very difficult, she said, and she was very pleased to be able to mark the occasion. After speeches and a presentation she spoke about her new work and the Iona Community. Friends found her description of the founding of the Iona community and its emphasis on inclusiveness aligned well with core Quaker testimonies.

Bénédicte Scholefield talks about Ammerdown and the exciting new work she is doing as business director for the Iona Community.

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