How to put a name to a face? Bath Quakers’ new Friends’ Gallery

We all know the problem. I know the face, but what’s their name? Has it got to the stage where it’s rude to ask?

It’s an acute problem for nominations. Quakers don’t have externally appointed professional staff; we’re all there is. We have to decide how best each Friend can grow in the life of the Meeting, undertaking the wide range of tasks needed to keep the Meeting going. The Nominations Committee had to confess we didn’t know many of the Friends who come from one week to another, and this was holding us back. When we asked others to help it was clear everyone – even long-standing members – had the same issue to a greater or lesser extent.

Bath Quakers are trying to address that with a Friends’ Gallery of photos with names which we unveil during and after meetings. David Goode took the photos. The frame was hand made by our overseer Aliya Saleem. Each Friend signs up their own name.

The Friends’ Gallery frame was hand made by our overseer Aliya Saleem.

We’re always open to new friends. If you come to Meeting as a visitor you’re welcome to say hello and introduce yourself, or not if you prefer not. We’re a Society of Friends, trying to practise living friendship rather than to confirm to written rules. We hope the new Friends’ Gallery helps.

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