What would a confident Friends Meeting House look like in the heart of a World Heritage City?

Friends value plainness and simplicity. At the same time we are advised to live adventurously, and to let our life speak. Shown above (along wide the Friends Meeting House facade as it is today) are a selection of buildings and models from round the world: Liverpool at new year, a chocolate Reichstag, a Photoshopped Bodleian, mosques from Iran and Indonesia, the Petit Palais in Paris and St Stephen’s church in Bath.

Speaking to Bath Quakers this week will be Prof Barry Gilbertson, chair of the Bath World Heritage City Steering Group. We’ve got a listed heritage building at the sacred heart of the city (included in the illustrations above). As part of our deliberations on the long term vision for Bath Friends Meeting House we’ll hear from Prof Gilbertson, former President of the Bath Preservation Trust, about why that’s a special opportunity and the possibilities and responsibilities it entails. Friends will also learn about different options for combining a viable future with a confident Quaker presence at the heart of the city.

After our Meeting for Information we’ll have a deep deliberation called a Threshing Meeting to discern what long term future best matches Quaker values with the unique location and potential our historic building offers.

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