Considering the criteria for fulfilling a long term vision for our Meeting House

What matters to us as we consider the long term future of our unique Friends Meeting House at the heart of this world heritage city? We put certain criteria to  Friends in a survey. Here’s how they ranked:

Above all Friends feel we must be faithful to our testimonies to peace, simplicity & sustainability, equality, truth & integrity. We have to be practical in holding a vision for the the Meeting House which is feasible and achievable, affordable in terms of one-off investment and which then generates the income necessary to maintain a historic building year after year.

If we achieve all these “givens” then we’re able to focus on providing a confident Quaker presence (which comes back to living our testimonies at the heart of the city). the other point raised is that we want to be able to offer a place for progressive and marginalised groups to gather and make their contributions to our community.

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