The Friends’ all-age party 2018

Meredith Freeman writes:

Many people of different shapes and sizes, some familiar to me and others not so (amazing what happens if I turn my back for a moment!) arrived for the Quaker all-age party (formerly known as the Annual Quaker Talent Show). One of said people arrived wearing a particularly talented hat.
Many carried plates, bowls and boxes and in one notable instance, a thermos. Food made its way from its containers to the table and on wards to our bellies.  There was much chatting, eating and playing . The Meeting House was full of noise, with an interval of a few moments of silence during the meal.
After hot teas and coffees to warm our chilly selves we were entertained by a host of poets, several musicians, a couple actors, a soloist and a choir.  During the show Ophelia, Juliet, a binman, birds and wildlife and Herring Girl made appearances. We heard tell of a couple of knife crimes and the Yeti too. Otto Lenghi sent a delicious dish via a valiant representative and some clever person brought dates stuffed with marzipan.

As this is a review of a Quaker event, it seemed fitting to end with food. 

Margaret Heath adds:

Our annual social gathering was well attended and there was no shortage of food nor entertainment. A second table had to be put up to hold all the goodies Friends brought in profusion, although not excess. Buckwheat, sweet potato, pizza, lentils were all popular as were chocolates and cookies. As we started at 6pm some came in after others had finished but there was plenty for all.

After supper the chairs were rearranged and the performance started. There is a lot of talent and we were treated to readings, a play and performances on a variety of instruments. The suggestion we might play games was not taken up; this might make a change for another year perhaps? The atmosphere was warm and friendly as ever and it was a great chance for people to get to know each other.


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