Tuesday evening Meeting: why we like it; when do we want it?

Katie Evans writes:

Belated ‘happy birthday’ to Bath’s Tuesday evening meeting for worship, now two years old! I asked friends why they come to Tuesday evening meeting for worship and what they like about it.

Here are some of their responses:

The worship is deep; tea and conversation afterwards is companionable.”

“It can be a welcome break from a hectic week and a time to reconnect to the more spiritual side of life in the midst of the constant busyness of modern life.”

“I like the fact that one can attend a meeting for worship in the week, precious at any time but especially when one is unable to attend on a Sunday.”

“I find it really helpful as there is just the silence and no planning in my head about notices to be heard or given…”

“Due to the small size of the meeting, I feel that the meeting and coffee afterwards is more of a collective group
activity … different conversations can take place in that … atmosphere.”

We often have newcomers and visitors. Their presence and contribution is very welcome. It’s great to get to know each other both in the shared silence of worship and in conversation over tea afterwards. Do join us if you can.

Would changing the time would make it easier for more people to attend evening meeting for worship? Currently we meet 1900-1930 on Tuesdays. When would be the best time for you? Please let me know.

Bath Quakers’ Tuesday Meeting is now two years old. 

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