image Diary dates: End of Life Matters events (free; no booking required)

Judith Eversley writes:

A group of Friends have been working on creating a course for those wishing to look at End of Life Matters (ELM). There will be six
sessions at the Meeting House starting on Tuesday 24th April and
running through until mid-July. Refreshments are essential, so we will
start each session with tea and cake.

This poster sets out the planned end-of-life sessions. Please share it widely.


As a group we will hear introductions to aspects of end of life
matters which concern us including practical/legal questions (e,g
about Lasting Power of Attorney), planning your own funeral, and how
we feel about hospice/hospital care and dying at home. We will then
break up into small groups to continue, using the Church of England
pack “Grave Talk” which provides excellent questions to stimulate our

Our End of Life Matters group is open to all Friends in Bath Meeting
and other faith groups in Bath. If you are interested in joining us,
please contact Hazel Mitchell.


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