How green is your church?

Judith Eversley writes:

I spent two enjoyable years working for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, advising and training people who look after places of worship. Friends are not alone in being stewards of buildings – often, but not always, historic – with limited money and volunteer effort. I found I had much in common with the people who watch over other denominations’ property. They care deeply about the local and global environment, and gamely incorporate sustainability into the work they do.

A Rocha (Portuguese for The Rock) helps church communities with this work through its Eco Church programme and awards. We have recently learned that our Quaker neighbours in Bradford on Avon achieved ‘Silver’ status in the Eco Church Awards – see their impressive report on the Bradford on Avon Quaker website.

Now you can find out more about making a church more sustainable at Eco Church’s creation care workshop How Green is your Church? on Sat 16 June. It runs from 0930 to 1500 at Southdown Methodist Church in The Hollow, Bath BA2 1NJ. It is being organised by the Anglican diocese of Bath & Wells in collaboration with EcoChurch.

You can register online and the cost is £5 which you pay on the day.

  •  Special plea from Judith … I can’t go to this workshop despite it ticking every professional/Quaker/lifestyle/community box for me. Will someone go and report back? 

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