Children’s Meeting sets out signs and symbols for peace

Judith Eversley writes:

At our Children’s Meeting on Sunday 9th September, we looked at peace signs and symbols. Some are familiar: the white poppy, the rainbow flag, the dove of peace with or without her olive branch and the CND badge.

We looked for other symbols and found the Shalom-Salaam-wordmark Shalom/Salaam wordmark: a square made up of the words for Peace in Hebrew, Arabic and English and we learned the words and tune for the song Shalom, Shalom.

Nell-Corse-Peace-Signs-croppedIn Japanese culture, we then learned, the bell has a special significance for peace, so Nell added a peace bell to her poster.*

That is particularly relevant this week because on the morning of Friday 21 September, a group of children will sound the huge Japanese peace bell outside the UN headquarters in New York to mark the start of the International Day of Peace. Since 1981 the 21st September has been designated by the UN as a world-wide day of peace and non-violence.

Following that peace theme, there are several events coming up in Bath relating to our Peace Testimony. Join us: you could walk or talk, attend a lecture, pray or go to a play.

You can see all the list of all the events, many of them in our Meeting House, here

*Responding to a gentle observation that CND badges are usually worn with the symbol the other way up, Nell informed us that anyone looking at the poster upside down would see the symbol as it should be. Can’t argue with that!

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