Day of quiet at the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill

Last Saturday 16 Bath Quakers enjoyed a “day of quiet” in a simply restored barn on Kelston Roundhill. Facilitated by Katie Evans and Christine Goodgame-Nobes the day was largely spent in silence, with activities including colour-matching, calligraphy, exploring through drawing what brought us closer to the spirit and craft activities. Some Friends walker, others read or spent the time in quiet reflection.

One Friend, Dan, said about the day:

“Spending a whole day together allowed us to reach a deep silence in which we were able to connect with Spirit at what was for me a powerfully transformative level. Such experiences are surely very nourishing for the life of our meeting as a whole.”

Last Saturday Bath Quakers met for a day in the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill

Not just spiritual refreshment: delicious soup, local Bath cheeses, muffins cakes and brownies. 

The Old Barn with two wood fires felt a snug and safe setting to get closer to what’s important while strong, warm October winds howled outside. 

There were a range of reflective exercises. Here: colourmatching Pantones, describing an ash branch covered in lichens and mosses.


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