Ways to act on our concern about climate change

Margaret Heath writes

As “Extinction Rebellion” protests spread from the UK around the world Lin has urged us all to petition our local council B&NES to declare a climate emergency. It takes 1500 signatures to ensure this gets debated. Please sign by end February.

Peaceful but disruptive “Extinction Rebellion” protests have started spreading from the UK to the rest of the world.

Can I ask anyone with influence at a secondary school to recommend they invite Angus Forbes to speak about the urgent need for action? He is a listed school speaker, with a great rapport with teenagers and facts and figures at his finger tips.

Angus Forbes spoke recently at Kingswood School for global biosphere governance and creating a Global Planet Authority,

Other action groups worth checking out include Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth. Local hero Martin Palmer’s charity Alliance of Religions and Conservation has done exceptional work with faith groups (“Hear the cry of the poor, and the cry of creation”).

A much younger friend of mine is working in Cambridge on environmental friendly food. More and more people are avoiding a diet rich in meat; being a vegetarian or vegan is positive and far easier than it was. A group of 37 scientists working as the EAT-Lancet commission has now come up with a flexitarian diet that would be sustainable in Earth with a 10bn population.

Readers may well have other good suggestions as to how we can help the situation, either as individuals or a group. Please comment below or send them in to the Editor.

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