Bristol climate protest: a young Bath Friend writes…

A young Bath Friend writes:

I took part in the climate change protest last Friday. Me and all my friends went to Bristol because the protest was bigger there than in Bath.

There were lots of people at the protest, many obviously were on a walkout because they were still in their uniforms. I didn’t do a walkout because if we did we wouldn’t be able to get to Bristol on time. When we arrived in Bristol we went to the College Green where everyone was meeting and when the protest started it was pretty fun, we got to shout really loudly for climate change and about politics.

There is a moat around the outside of City Hall and a bunch of people splashed in it, including me. We left before the protest ended because everyone was tired. but it was a pretty fulfilling day. We went because it is important: if we don’t take action now and wait until our generation are in charge it will be too late. There is another day of protest next month and maybe this time we’ll do a walkout.

Protesters on College Green, Bristol

Splashing in the moat around City Hall

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