Special Meeting: what better way to spend the portentous night of 29 March?

Midnight of 29 March 2019 has been fixed in law as the date the UK leaves the European Union. Whether or not this happens, and whether or not it happens at that time, both look uncertain at time of writing. But it does seem a potentially pivotal moment at a febrile time in our national discourse.

What better way to spend it than in the silence of a Quaker Meeting, connected to others across Europe and further afield?

Bath is a mainly pro-EU city but Bath Quakers have no corporate view, and the 29 March Meeting is for reflection, not political campaigning. Photo: Clive Dellard via Bath for Europe.

Bath Quakers plan a special late night Meeting for Worship to coincide with the deadline set for the change in Britain’s relationship with the EU, 29 March 2019.

Open to all, this Meeting is part of a “distributed meeting” organised by the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA). It is not a campaigning event or a platform to promote any particular view. Rather it is an opportunity for prayerful reflection about Europe, peace, equality, truthfulness and listening to one another. All welcome 2230-2330 Friday 29 March. Judith Eversley and William Heath will act as elders

There’s also an online component, so Friends and others who would like to join but would find it difficult to attend may participate in their homes. Details to follow.


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