Great opportunity to learn about sustainable living: visit to CAT in Wales in Sept

Devizes Friends are organising a trip for Quaker members and attenders to the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. CAT is an eco-centre dedicated to demonstrating and teaching sustainable development.

The Centre for Alternative Technology in Powys, mid-Wales, provides information on all aspects of sustainable living.

Our Devizes Friends write:

Alan Fox and Robin Brookes are planning a group visit to the Centre for Alternative Technology at the end of September.  This would be for two nights, returning on Monday morning.  The details are as follows:

CAT VISIT – Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd September

18 bed eco cabin – up to 2 available.  Each cabin has 4 rooms with 4 beds and 2 single rooms.  You can see what these are like here:

We are booking a tour of CAT on the Saturday, lasting for 1¼ hr tour, max 20 people.  On Sunday there will be the Zero Carbon Britain course, lasting for 1 to 1½ hr, max 20 people.  We could double the tours if we have more than 20 in our group.

There are 12 other introductory courses available if there is a group big enough to make it viable.  More details will be distributed later.

Editor’s note: You don’t have to go through any formalities to attend a Quaker meeting. Just show up. You’re then an attender; it’s as easy as that.

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