Can you help fund a “Disarm the Base” board game?

Jess Metheringham writes:

As many Friends know, two years ago Sam Walton (then managing the peace and disarmament programme for BYM) was arrested for breaking in to a military base to try to disarm war planes bound for Yemen. He and his co-defendant Daniel Woodhouse were later acquitted. I was also working for BYM at the time (I used to the be parliamentary engagement manager) and was struck by how this direct action could be made into a board game.

Well, we’re now in the process of creating “Disarm the Base”. It’s a cooperative board game for up to four players. (You might have seen the recent article in The Friend about how this project was part of normalising direct action for peace.) We need at least 150 people to pledge to buy it in order for it to get made. Anyone who is interested can pledge to buy a copy at or can find out about the whole project at

Once the game is funded and produced you get to play at being Sam Walton breaking into the base to disarm war planes. How cool is that?

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