Young Friend reports on her charity bake sale

Young Friend Ilana Jones writes: 

On Fri 30 August 2019 Ella, Seren and I did a charity sale to raise money for Julian House. We did our sale behind Odd-Down Sainsbury’s in a small field. We sold home-made goodies such as: cakes, brownies and cookies.

Young Friends Seren and Ilana set up a charity bake stall

During the time of our sale we also sold five or six books, a few hand-made bracelets and did “guess how many sweets are in the jar”.

We had to decide what charity to raise money for quite close to the sale and since I had heard of Julian House in Quakers I went and researched it. I personally thought it was a good cause because it takes in people who are homeless and who have mental health issues.

If Ella hadn’t offered to help us with the sale it wouldn’t have happened so a lot of thanks to her. Also thanks to dad for baking with us on Thursday. In the space of five hours and with mum selling a few of our baked goods at her university we managed to raise £40.50!

Many thanks to the people who
Helped us to raise the money for
Julian House and participated in
Our sale

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