Seeking ‘that of God’ in everyone

Artwork by Vanessa Mitchell
Artwork by Vanessa Mitchell

At Vanessa Mitchell’s funeral last week, we heard how Vanessa’s life journey had been seeking to find ‘that of God’ not only in others but also in herself. Vanessa’s family and friends have been inspired by her courage and love. This passage from Advices & Queries was read:

Do you respect that of God in everyone though it may be expressed in unfamiliar ways or be difficult to discern? Each of us has a particular experience of God and each must find the way to be true to it. When words are strange or disturbing to you, try to sense where they come from and what has nourished the lives of others. Listen patiently and seek the truth which other people’s opinions may contain for you. Avoid hurtful criticism and provocative language. Do not allow the strength of your convictions to betray you into making statements or allegations that are unfair or untrue. Think it possible that you may be mistaken.

Advices & Queries 17

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