Young Friends inspired to respond to the climate crisis

Kirsty Philbrick points to an inspiring article in the US Friends’ Hournal about young Quaker climate activists in the US and UK. She writes:

The climate – and how we respond to the crisis creatively as individuals and part of a wider community will be very much a theme of 2020 for Quakers across the globe, and will be something we will continue to explore through the youth project too.

Young American Friends on climate strike (Friends’ Journal)

Our first Young Friends Friday on 10 January at Bedminster 1830-2100 will explore the climate crisis; the feelings it brings up and how we can respond creatively and support each other.

Please do come along! Please get in touch with me with any questions or ideas.

Many say that acting for the climate begins with first loving wild nature that grows around us and is within us – I hope you all get out to enjoy wild nature this winter… busy birds and resting trees blowing in the winds…

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