What a difference six months make: the burial ground

Susan Tomes writes:
The current lockdown has meant that the gardening group is unable to maintain the burial ground and implement the ideas of our garden designer, Melanie Jackson, to conserve the memorial stones and develop the borders. However, the garden continues to display  all  its glory even though there are fewer visitors to appreciate it.  The soft growth of the epimediums flowers hidden below their foliage were a delight to discover. The bluebells (blue, white  and pink bells) are appearing  as if from nowhere dazzling and brilliant in the glorious sun. The cherry and bladdernut trees are full of blossom and even the amelanchier which had been severely pruned in autumn is displaying showy white flowers.

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Susan and Cosmo have been doing all they can to keep on top of the weeds but it is hard work and we ask that you keep the burial ground in the Light during this time,  and join us to rediscover its magic once the lockdown has been lifted.
 These two  images show the difference that 6 months gardening has made to one of the borders.
Cherry blossom. All images Susan Tomes


  1. It’s great to think of the burial ground simply being gorgeous through this time when we can’t meet.

    btw could we just double check the classification of that cluster of yellow flowers?


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