British Quakers’ online courses on building a better world

British Quakers are offering a series of online workshops and seminars over the summer on how Friends and partners are working to build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. The  Quaker Peace & Social Witness Summer Series 2020 has the theme Where our Witness is:

Sessions include climate justice, peace and disarmament, nonviolence success stories from East Africa, the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel, spiritual activism, and peace education and more.

crest of a hill with a dramatic skyline and people gathering at the top

All of the summer series sessions are open to everyone.

Taking place on Zoom, sessions include:

Quakers and climate justice: an introduction. Thursday 28 May, 12.30-14.00. Everyone welcome.

Testimonies in action – opportunities and leadings. Tuesday 2 June, 10.30-12.00. Everyone welcome.

Quakers and the peace movement: opportunities and challenges today. Thursday 11 June, 10.30-12.00. Everyone welcome.

‘Build Back Better’: It’s time for a new economy. Tuesday 16 June, 12.30-14.00. Practitioner level.

Conversations with Quaker activists – Esther Leighton and Sam Donaldson. Thursday 25 June, 10.30-12.00. Everyone welcome.

Lessons from Kenyan peace activists – how to bring people together for change. Tuesday 30 June, 14.00-15.30. Practitioner level.

Lobbying for a better world. Thursday 9 July, 12.30-14.00. Everyone welcome.

Working for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel. Tuesday 14 July, 14.00-15.30. Everyone welcome.

Can we teach peace? Thursday 23 July, 12.30-14.00. Everyone welcome.

What does love require of me? Spiritual Activism in this moment. Tuesday 28 July, 12:30-14.00. Practitioner level.

Book via the Quakers in Britain web site which has full details.

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