‘Inside Out ‘– BYM youth projects pioneer an “online residential”

Kirsty Philbrick writes

One weekend in mid-June the youth project brought 20 young people together for an ‘online residential’… a series of activities including worship, games, discussion, baking, crafting, stories and much more. It was a bit of an experiment in how much connection and fun you can facilitate over zoom and I think it exceeded all our expectations!

Turning the Tide: this year’s priorities (see more here)

Young people involved in the Bristol and Sheffield based youth projects were able to meet, share experiences, build friendships, challenge ideas and participate in a Turning the Tide workshop on Quakers, youth and the world you want to inherit.

Thanks to all who came along and supported young people to get involved, I think this may be the first of more such online gatherings, so watch this space…

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