From Ministry this week: George Fox echoes a Chinese sage

Lin Paterson writes

In the one, there is the all.
In the all, there is the one.
If you know this,
You will never worry about being incomplete.

Seng Ts’an, (d. 606) was a Chinese sage, the Third Patriarch of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism.  This is an excerpt from Believing in Mind, published in Eknath Easwaran’s spiritual anthologies, God Makes the Rivers to Flow and Timeless Wisdom. The longer printed passage is found here:  where there is also an audio recording by Easwaran.

Mind the Light
that all may be refreshed
one in another
and all in one.

George Fox, (1624-1691) written in 1651, excerpt from Epistle 4, Works 7:18, found on page 58, in Truth of the Heart, an Anthology of George Fox, selected and annotated by Rex Ambler, published by Quaker Books, 2001

Curved light image via ABC

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