Wensleydale Quakers mark Remembrance Day

With Bath’s annual Armistice Day commemoration suspended, Judith Eversley spotted this timely story in Richmondshire Today, the local paper for Wensleydale Quakers.

White Peace and red Remembrance Poppies mounted on the railings outside Wensleydale Quakers’ Meeting House at Bainbridge (photo: Richmondshire Today)

According to the paper:

A spokesperson for the Meeting House said Quakers wear white poppies to “remember all the victims of war, to challenge militarism, and to build a culture of peace, remembering that, today, 90 per cent of these victims are civilians”.

They added: “The custom of wearing white poppies was started in 1934 by the Peace Pledge Union, whose aim is to work against the causes of war, finding other solutions to international problems.

“Many people suffered from refusing to bear arms, being imprisoned, and even killed, for their beliefs. Locally, ‘the Richmond 16’ were imprisoned in Richmond Castle for refusing to bear arms.

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