Memorials survey for Bath Quakers Burial Ground

Laurence Tindall, who has prepared a monuments survey for the Burial Ground, writes:

The present maintenance work in the burial ground has prompted the timely need for this monuments survey and monuments conservation report. Any burial ground should have a simple account of its monuments, especially as there are discussions at present (2020) about how we use the burial ground more effectively and usefully.

Laurence Tindall working on the memorials survey (Photo: Susan Tomes)

The Burial Ground Committee felt that a description of the monuments and inscriptions plus a report on the condition of the stones was a necessary prerequisite to guide any decision making during this process. This is a draft report in as much as it has left space for recording any memorials that may be moved to different positions within the burial ground if this occurs in the near future.

You can download Laurence Tindall’s thorough and illustrated report on the memorials here (high resolution version 80MB click here ; for lower-res version 13MB) click here

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