Upcoming: talk on Margery Fry and Quakerism

Kate Macdonald writes:

The Friends of the Women’s Library are running excellent online talks at the moment, and on Apr 14 at 1430 Anne Logan, the biographer of Margery Fry, is giving a talk I grumbled a little at the absolutely endless catechism about Elizabeth Fry: Margery Fry and Quakerism.

From the Friends’ web site:

The birth family of Margery Fry (1874-1958) was one filled on both sides with prominent and successful Quaker ancestors. Although as an adult she rejected religion in favour of agnosticism, throughout her life and even after death she was often referred to as a ‘Quaker reformer’. That she became best known for her penal reform work led to a confusion in many minds with the prison reformer Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845) and the incorrect assumption that Margery was her descendant. This paper explores Margery’s complicated relationship with Quakerism, her family heritage, and religion in general – conflicts which were not only personal and political, but also representative of her generation’s struggles with secularism and with issues of war and peace and women’s rights.

For information about how to be sent the Zoom details for this talk, please email friendsofthewomenslibrary@gmail.com.

Girls Friendly Society image from 1915. Source: Friends of the Women’s Library

More info here http://friendsofthewomenslibrary.org.uk/whats-on/

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