Connecting Friends worldwide

Quaker meetings for worship are a communal practice, something we do together that connects us to one another.

Sometimes I imagine Friends in meeting for worship creating an invisible web connecting us to each other, like throwing an unravelling ball of wool from person to person across the circle. This past year I’ve found myself throwing that imaginary ball of wool vast distances as I have worshipped online with people in Australia, Kenya, Canada, the USA and all over Europe.

One of the joys of online meetings for worship is the ease with which we can ‘visit’ other Quaker meetings and be enriched by visitors to our own.

As well as welcoming international Friends to our online meetings for worship, this year Bath Quakers are supporting the international Quaker community by making a donation to Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC).

FWCC logo

FWCC encourages fellowship and understanding among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends. For example, over the last year FWCC has hosted monthly Quaker Conversations webinars (recordings available to watch online).

The Quaker community worldwide includes a rich diversity of regional cultures, beliefs and styles of worship. To find out more about FWCC and Quakers worldwide, visit the FWCC website.

If you’re interested in visiting other Quaker Meetings online, take a look at FWCC’s Online Worship directory listing Meetings around the world you can join online.

Each year Bath Quakers make donations to a small number of Quaker organisations as a contribution to Quaker work and witness beyond our own Meeting. To suggest other Quaker organisations for us to support, please contact Katie Evans (treasurer) directly or via our contacts.

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