Delve deeper into ideas with Bath Quakers’ reading group

Alex Herring invites us to Bath Quakers’ next reading group Fri 22 Oct. To give a flavour you here’s sample of what Friends are reading and discussing:

One is reading Jocelyn Bell Burnell‘s A Quaker Astronomer Reflects and was most struck by her view that God cannot be omnipotent because of the problem of suffering, but is totally loving and works only through people. This led on to a discussion of Descartes’ separation of matter and spirit which has both enabled huge developments in science but also the deep destruction of our world.

In A Quaker Astronomer Reflects world-renowned astronomer Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell reflects on the big issues confronting scientists who also have a strong spiritual belief system (image via Oxford Quakers)

Another is reading Alan Kolp’s Fresh Winds of the Spirit, which she is finding deeply enriching. It reaches back to George Fox’s spirituality and how it is relevant to us today.

I am reading Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain, after Alister mentioned it in a Meeting for Worship. It is a young man’s book, written at the beginning of his thirties and fairly shortly after he became convinced of the truth of Catholicism and joined a Trappist monastery. It reads like a man totally besotted by his new love, though this love is the Virgin Mary, and with a young man’s conviction that his is the only truth. I therefore often find myself disagreeing with him but am moved and impressed by his passionately serious approach, and his absolute integrity in seeking his truth. It also contains a funny but cynical description of a Quaker meeting.

If you want to join Bath Quaker’s reading group contact Alex Herring. The next meeting is 1800 Fri 22 Oct, and you’d be most welcome.

These and other books are available in person or online from Bath’s vibrant independent bookstores Mr Bs Emporium and Toppings, both of which offer a friendly welcome and helpful advice.

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