Meeting for Worship in person: there’s nothing like it

Bath Quakers are much refreshed to have resumed Meeting for Worship in person. Meetings have restarted at the Central United Reform Church in Grove Street (see pic), but keep a close eye on our diary of upcoming events on the Meetings and Events page, because it’s not happening every week and there will likely be some changes in location in coming weeks.


  1. We’ve been fortunate in Aotearoa New Zealand as but for a mere handful of weeks we have been able to attend meetings in person throughout the pandemic. Due to distance and health issues I have not been able to attend in person for over a decade. However those few weeks prompted members to begin Zooming. Since then, every Sunday and Monthly Meeting is zoomed, so I am able to attend. Often I’m the only person Zooming in and I do appreciate the feeling of being included by the Palmerston North Monthly Meeting.


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