A Month in the Burial Ground – June 2022

June gave us a wonderful display of colour with the perennial plants at their most prolific. The white east border is now maturing and brings a sense of calm and serenity to the garden. In contrast, the west border is full of vibrant oranges, purples and pinks; with the plants enjoying the sunshine and the warmth released from the old walls.

Roses bring us joy in summer with their beauty and scent, and there are many flowering roses in the burial ground.  We are especially happy to see the Quaker Star rose covered in red blooms this year. Friends may be interested to know that this rose was developed in 1991 in Northern Ireland, in recognition of the work of Quaker Peace and Witness. American Friends service committee use the red and black Quaker star as their symbol. Sadly the rose is no longer available  for purchase, but we plan to take some cuttings in the autumn.  On the theme of Quaker plants, Judith Eversley gave us some Erigeron ‘Quakeress’, which is now growing well and producing a mass of daisy-like pink flowers.

The wildflower area has been full of flowers and grasses, and adds a free and wild contrast to the more formal borders. Amongst the many flowers is Quaking Grass, with its heart shaped, green and purple spikelets which quake in the breeze. This part of the garden will not be mown during the summer; providing the perfect habitat for birds and insects. Our new trees are all looking healthy which is good news, but some of the older established trees are slowly decaying.

Ben Grace and his assistants continue to come and work in the garden one day each month. Three volunteers from Good Gym also helped us to finish painting the shed and compost toilet.

On 19th June Friends came together to share meeting for worship and a picnic in the burial ground. It was a quiet, peaceful meeting and afterwards our former Burial Ground Steward David Goode named all the birds that had been singing throughout. How blessed we all were.

Friends are welcome to visit anytime and if you require the door code please contact Claire or Susan.

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