New Quaker podcast

If you read The Friend, you might have spotted an advert for their new podcast, called the Friend Live.

The first episode (only one out so far at the time of posting this) last for just under an hour, and is a good long listen. Judith Roads talks about how George Fox might have sounded, using her research into 17thC linguistic change, and there is a good selection of Quaker-related magazine articles.

You can find the podcast very easily by going to the website of The Friend, and clicking on the green arrow button on the right-hand side of the home page.

You can also listen to the podcast from its own page online, or subscribe through your usual podcast provider.

Production values are high (ie they’ve used professional equipment to record and edit), and the journalism is as good as we get from The Friend, since the two hosts are the editor and reporter from The Friend itself.

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