The Burial Ground garden in February

Please note that the Burial Ground is temporarily closed from 6th March for approximately 3 weeks whilst a new shelter is being built.

Susan Tomes writes: February 14th was a busy day in the Burial Ground. Ben our professional gardener and his team, assisted by Laurence and Alistair and Ben Paul, moved the memorial stones and plants from the border where the new shelter is to be built. Ben also weeded all the borders and levelled the ground under the benches. That ground had been very uneven which made the benches unsteady to sit on. Unfortunately the older bench has started to rot and may need replacing soon.  

Sadly we have lost some of the plants in the white border over the winter. All three of the silver euphorbia have died and so has one of the Pittosporum. However the white flowering quince is flourishing. The euphorbia wulfenii next to the shed is already huge after just one year’s growth. It clearly likes its sunny dry position and gives the upper bed a Mediterranean feel.

The crocuses and snowdrops are now fully out and some of the tulips and daffodils look as if they will be reappearing very soon. It’s a beautiful time of year to be in this special space. If you would like to visit please contact Susan or Claire for the door code. From early March Rowena will be working on building the shelter so the burial ground will be noisier than usual for about a month.

We have several large bags of garden waste that need to be taken to the tip and would be grateful if any friends with cars could help out. Our composting bins are already full of waste that has not yet fully composted.

Grow for Life would like to visit on March 29th to develop the wildlife patch around the cherry tree. We need volunteers that morning to help Susan make their volunteers feel welcome. If you would like to bake a cake for them that would be a wonderful way to thank them for all their help over the last few years. 

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