Shared lunch at the Meeting House on 25 December

Bath Quakers will be meeting as normal on Sunday (or “first day”, as early Friends preferred to call it) 25 December. The Meeting for Worship 11:00-12:00 will be followed by a shared lunch.

2016-12-11-16-00-15As a rule Bath Quakers meet at the Friends Meeting House 11:00-12:00 every Sunday
A 1994 comment by Janet Scott in the Faith and Practice anthology (available online) describes how one Quaker feels about Christmas:
“since all times are…holy, no time should be marked out as more holy; that what God has done for us should always be remembered and not only on the occasions named Christmas, Easter and Pentecost”.

All are welcome at the Friends’ Meeting House on 25 December (or “twelfth month“, as early Friends would call it) for business as usual. It’s not that Christmas isn’t special; more that every day is special.

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