First year of the new Tuesday Meetings

Katie Evans writes

Bath Quakers’ Tuesday evening meeting for worship celebrates its first birthday this week. We meet every week 19:00-19:30 at the Meeting House. All welcome! You don’t have to come every week, feel free to drop in whenever you can.

We’re usually a small group, 3 – 5 is typical. But that doesn’t worry me. We can still have a deep experience of Quaker worship.

Bath Quakers now offer three meetings for worship every week: Sunday morning, Wednesday morning and Tuesday evening. We hope this makes  us accessible to everyone. If you can’t get to meeting for worship at all, do contact elders or overseers who may be able to arrange a small meeting for worship in your home.


The main Meeting is Sunday 11:00 (pictured); we also hold smaller Meetings Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning: all welcome.

Kathleen Norris writes in The Cloister Walk about childhood Sundays meaning wearing her best dress and white gloves to go to church. As an adult oblate staying in a Benedictine monastery and attending services 9 times a day, Kathleen found herself attending church in all sorts of states of mind and dress – bringing all of her life to worship. For me, Tuesday evening meetings have been a similar experience. They are the middle of my working week and at times I’ve been tired, wound-up or preoccupied. I’m really appreciating the opportunity to bring myself and whatever’s on my mind on a Tuesday evening to the gentle spaciousness of meeting for worship and the companionship of friends.

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