Where do we find inspiration? A metaphor for ministry

Katie Evans writes

Where do you find inspiration?  This is one of the questions we’ll be asking in a series of spring workshops – dates and times to be confirmed.


“The birdfeeder became for me a metaphor for ministry.”

Last Saturday I found unexpected inspiration in a birdfeeder.  A few of us went to Ammerdown for a quiet day.  It was freezing cold with snow in the air, so I sat inside in the warm watching the birds flitting around a birdfeeder on a tree in the courtyard.  The birdfeeder became for me a metaphor for ministry.

Ministry, as I understand it, encompasses anything that feeds or tends our community and the world around us, not just spoken ministry in meeting for worship.  Sometimes our ministry seems to grow from the very sap and fibre of our being, like berries on a tree.  Sometimes ministry is somehow given to us to hold for a while, like a birdfeeder hung on a tree, replenished not by any strength of our own.  But always ministry connects us with life.

There are more quiet days at Ammerdown this year on 8th April, 3rd June, 8th Sept and 8th Dec.  See Ammerdown’s website for details.

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