Find out more about Credit Unions (survey)

Friends in north Wales are researching Quaker awareness and use of credit unions. You can complete their survey here. They write:
One way of challenging the financial exclusion suffered by the most financially excluded in our communities is through the use of credit unions. The purpose of the survey is to ascertain the knowledge of and involvement of Friends and their meetings with their local credit unions.
We hope to use the results to show how we can effectively help and advise Friends and their meetings enabling them to better promote, support or volunteer with their local credit unions. We also hope to encourage meetings and individuals to lend to and borrow from their local credit union. Perhaps your meeting may wish to pay a visit to your local credit union and find out how they operate and the issues they face dealing with the needs of people who find it very difficult to know about and access legal and fair credit facilities.
Cllr Lin Patterson (Green, Lambridge ward) was a founder member
of the original Bath Credit Union (now merged into Bristol CU).  
Lin Patterson adds: 
I recommend the local Credit Union because it is as efficient and reliable as any bank and protected by the FSCS.  It is owned by its members and is an excellent way to keep your money in the local region, rather than in the hands of the big banks with their dubious record.
Practically, the membership fee is one-off and very low.  It is a great place for your savings, and loans are easy to obtain.  In fact taking out a loan strengthens the Credit Union. The Bristol Credit Union is very robust and serves our area.  It amalgamated the former credit union that operated in Bath, which proved unsustainable on the smaller scale. I’m delighted with the service of the Bristol Credit Union, saving with them regularly and using their loan facility more than once. You can find out more and join online here.

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