Quaker Tapestry coming back to Somerset May/June

The Quaker Tapestry roadshow is coming to Somerset in June and will be on show in the Temple Methodist Church, Taunton. West Somerset Quakers would like to hear from any Friends who were involved in making the tapestry, also from anyone who might volunteer during the showing.
Margaret Stocks, clerk to the West Somerset Trustees, explains the background:

During an extended period during 2015 and 2016 Taunton Friends Meeting House was redeveloped. Our Methodist friends at Temple Methodist Church gave Taunton Quaker Meeting a place in their building in which to worship. This generosity has formed a close relationship between the two worshipping communities. It also generated, on the part of some of our Methodist friends, an interest in the Quaker Tapestry. This interest developed into a desire to host a Quaker Tapestry Roadshow in Temple Methodist Church to lead up to and overlap with a conference there on 3rd June called Just Living (“Just” in the sense of equity and fairness). We in West Somerset are thrilled that this contact has led to the opportunity to display 20 of the 77 embroidered panels. Despite a splendid redevelopment, the Meeting House in Taunton is not spacious enough for such a display.

In consequence a Quaker Tapestry Roadshow has been arranged for the two weeks prior to 3rd June.
If you discover Friends among you who have been associated in the Tapestry’s creation, would you please ask them to contact me. The volunteering is needed to help members of the public to understand the route around the exhibition or answer any practical questions.
Margaret’s three children were all involved in the creation of the tapestry from its inception. She hopes that Friends in the South West will have an interest in this return of the  tapestry to its roots as a happy result of the rapport created between two faith groups.

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