Did the early Quakers meditate? First history discussion 9 April

Event: Sunday 9th April, 12:45 – 13:45, Bath Friends Meeting House

Katie Evans writes about the first in a new series of Quaker history discussions.

We’ll be looking at the foundational insight of the Religious Society of Friends that direct experience of the divine is available to everyone and at the early Quakers’ preaching which invited people to test this themselves.

Image of early Quakers from AmyBeldingBrown blog. Original source unknown

We’ll be drawing on the work of Quaker theologian Rex Ambler who says that the early Quakers can be understood as teaching a meditation method. Rex Ambler developed the ‘Experiment with Light’ meditation from his reading of the early Quakers’ practice.

The series of Quaker history discussions will then continue on 2nd Sundays in even months (11th June, 13th August …), with Poetry Group meeting on 2nd Sundays in odd months.

All welcome! If you’d like to suggest a topic or volunteer to lead a session, please contact Diana Page or Katie Evans.

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