About the Bath Friends’ healing meeting

A description of the Bath Friends healing meeting, convened by Hazel Mitchell.

We are a small group and meet up on the first Sunday each month at 10 am. We all value this Healing meeting.

Holding those in the Light where we know there is a need for special support, is our main activity in the Healing Meeting.

We are small in number but certainly seem to confirm the value of the meeting by our regular attendance.  Even if we have to cancel a meeting, we find Ralph’s suggestion of remembering each other at the same time as our meeting would have taken place, wherever we are, an excellent idea and we will try this on 2 April when none of us can attend as normal.

Our short introductions to our shared “holdings” come in various guises.  Sometimes it is a reading, sometimes a comment on an experience that is deemed good to share, sometimes a thought about an event of importance.

Then we bring names audibly, but mostly let our minds simply bring Light to shine in dark corners.

We asked ourselves recently about avenues for healing, and found there are myriads of ways to offer healing to anyone:

The warm smile brings recognition and warmth of heart,
The presence of a friend is unspoken support,
Hope from unexpected words or events is valued,
Forgiveness from another can clear the way ahead as well as forgiving ourselves,
Sharing dark thoughts with someone offering empathy, and

Offering compassion from a caring heart can be a most powerful instrument.

A sunny morning amid beautiful scenery is also a gift of the Creator to lift our spirits.

Photo of Quaker burial ground by Simon Baker

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