Discover the Business Method: a Quaker gift to contemporary business

Elizabeth Redfern of the Quakers & Business Group shares details of this one-day event in Cambridge.

Quakers and Business Group  – Gathering 2017, Saturday 6th May at Jesus Lane QMH, Cambridge.

Examining the future of decision-making in the manner of Friends, and considering the method’s transferability to the world of commerce.

The Gathering will be a combination of talks, case studies and workshops allowing you to consider the subtleties of QBM and its transferability to settings and contexts outside the Religious Society of Friends. How can QBM work in settings of different faiths, or none? How can QBM help organisations reach more collaborative, engaged and perhaps even better decisions? What could be the role of exploratory threshing meetings in this process? How does modern technology such as Skype fit into this complex picture?

The event is being organised by Friends Nicholas Burton from Northumbria University and Rachel Muers from Leeds University.

For more information, including the timed programme, please see          

£24 Q&B Members, £34 Non-Members – Including refreshments and buffet lunch

Bursaries are available for those on a low income, making the price £10

Friends’ Meeting House in Jesus Lane, Cambridge, where the 6 May session is held.

Editor’s note: A description of the Quaker Business Method can be found here. It’s a powerful discipline which can help find the right way forward and progress business decisions. Imagine meetings where there is no interruption, no retort or response, plenty of silence and a shared process of discernment. Fast and furious it isn’t, but the satisfaction of the right business decision reached using the Quaker Business Method is profound. Do check it out if can make Cambridge for the day of 6 May.

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