Finding inspiration; reading Faith & Practice

Diana Jeater writes:
Since October 2015, Quakers across the UK have been reading Quaker Faith & Practice together. This is because the question of whether it is time to start revising our ‘Book of Discipline’, as it is formally known, is soon going to be put to Britain Yearly Meeting.
“There is inspiration to be found all around us” Faith & Practice Ch 1.07. Photo of magnolia in the Bath Quaker Burial Ground by David Goode.
In previous BYM discernment, it was recognised that there is no point in asking Friends whether they think the book needs revising, if they don’t know what it’s in it. So the Revision Preparation Group put this programme of reading in place. Bath Quakers have not formally been participating in this reading project, although some people have been reading as individuals and following the comments that groups and people have been leaving on the blog and social media as they’ve read alongside everyone else.
The project is now winding up, and across BYM there are now many, many more people who have read, thought about and have a good awareness of the whole of Quaker Faith & Practice.

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