Join Syrian refugees in solidarity after recent attacks: outside Bath Abbey 1230 Friday 7 April

Fran Hicks, a Friend from Taunton, forwards a note from Bath Welcomes Refugees about an event Friday 7 April 1230 protesting the recent chemical attacks in Idlib, Syria.

Bath Welcomes Refugees supporters young and old wait outside Bath Abbey for the Syrian families who proposed the meeting. 

Our families here in Bath are very distressed by this news, by the consequences of the attack, and they have initiated an action on Friday 7th at 12.30 outside the Abbey. They have our support in doing this. This kind of issue needs to be placed at the forefront of peoples thinking, not swept aside because it is tough thinking. Complacency and acceptance condones and permits this sort of thing to continue.
As I said, the initiative for this action has come from the refugees living here in Bath and it would be good to support them in this action while also acknowledging the horrors that those in Syria are enduring. These events amplify the need for a political solution to the Syrian conflict (now in its sixth year) as factional warfare driven by  a ruthless regime and supported by dubious outside parties is a recipe for endless conflict… and chaos… and tragedy. Refugees do not choose to flee. It is  events like this attack that get people moving and it should be remembered that millions are displaced within Syria –  endlessly dodging the attacks and finding refuge where they can.
The event is sponsored by Bath Welcomes Refugees and Bath Amnesty. If you want to join Syrian refugees in solidarity see you outside Bath Abbey 1230 Friday 7 August; details here

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